• Courses are taught in English Language.
  • Tuition starts from 6,000 euro per year.
  • Work and study during & after graduation.
  • Travel to other European countries without Visa.
  • We guarantee your admission and Visa.
  • Pathway to acquire Permanent residency & citizenship in Europe.

Admission in progress.

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DIPLOMA (1 year)
√ business Management
√ Tourism & Hospitality Management

BACHELORS (3 years)
√ BA (Hons) Tourism and Hospitality Management
√ BA (Hons) Business Management
√ BSc Information Technology

√ Strategic Management & Leadership
√ Logistics & Supply Chain Management
√ Tourism & Hospitality Management
√ Health & Social Care Management

MASTERS (18 months)
√ Master of Business Administration (MBA)
√ MA in Tourism and Hospitality Management
√ MSc in Health and Social Care Management
√ MSc in Logistics and Supply Chain Management.
√ MSc in Strategic Marketing
√ MSc in Project Management.

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